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Increase system memory capacity and get more out of your servers

Memory-dependent server applications like virtualization, cloud computing, and high performance computing (HPC) require massive amounts of available RAM. When server DRAM modules in lower densities struggle to keep up and cause costly performance slowdowns, you need to get more out of your hardware. Crucial® LRDIMMs solve this problem by increasing the installed memory capacity per server, helping you fully utilize your CPU and server hardware’s capabilities.

Significantly increase a server’s installed memory capacity

Module densities up to 128GB

Power virtualization, HPC, in-memory databases, and more

Available in the latest technology

Built with new technology tailored for the latest leading computing platforms, Crucial LRDIMMs allow you to increase system performance with memory speeds up to 3200 MT/s and densities up to 128GB. Increasing the installed memory capacity of each server with modules equipped with 16Gb-based components enables your systems to reach their full performance potential.1

Increase the performance of demanding server applications

Virtualization, cloud computing, in-memory databases, Big Data, HPC, and other server applications need every GB of memory they can get to keep your organization’s activities running smoothly. With 64GB modules, you could have 768GB of installed RAM in a server with 12 memory slots per CPU – with 128GB modules, you can double that capacity to over 1.5TB per CPU and fuel your processors to run the apps your organization relies on every day.


Additional benefits for previous server generations

Many server models created before mid-2017 are often inhibited by RDIMM channel ranking limitations. Crucial LRDIMMs solve this problem by utilizing a memory buffer chip that reduces electrical loads presented to the memory bus, allowing more DIMMs to be populated per channel. The result? Increased memory bandwidth, improved energy efficiency, and greater memory density compared to standard RDIMMs.

Backed by the Reliance Program2

When you make an enterprise-level investment in Crucial® products, we believe you deserve a higher level of support. The Reliance Program offers qualified customers up to four additional benefits that affirm our commitment to your servers through service call reimbursements, onsite spares, 24/7 technical support through our direct hotline, and special bulk shipping options.

Micron® quality – a higher level of reliability.

Server memory that’s built to last requires lasting industry relationships and technology collaboration over multiple product cycles. As a brand of Micron, we work closely with the industry leaders in CPU and platform development, along with the leading server and motherboard manufacturers to enable the next level of memory technology. The result? More than 40 years of expertise that’s poured into die selection, DRAM and PCB design, module assembly, and testing from start to finish. This can only be achieved by a true memory manufacturer – don’t settle for anything less.




32GB, 64GB, 128GB


2666 MT/s, 2933 MT/s, 3200 MT/s




Dual, Quad





Limited lifetime warranty valid everywhere except Germany, where warranty is valid for ten years from date of purchase.

  1. Installing Crucial server memory does not invalidate OEM warranties. Some major server manufacturers have reserved the right to void the warranty based on their discretion.
  2. Reliance Program benefits may vary and are only available to qualified customers in select regions. Contact your Crucial sales representative for more information.

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