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Sorry. Your search did not match any active Crucial part numbers or configuration IDs.

Persistent memory performance

In fast-paced business environments, sales and customer satisfaction are decided in milliseconds. Crucial NVDIMMs give your organization the advantage when data transactions hang in the balance by fusing memory with on-module NAND, which gives you near-instant access with data persistence. Crucial NVDIMMs safeguard data during power loss, remove I/O bottlenecks that are holding your servers back, and increase the performance of server applications such as Big Data analytics, storage appliances, RAID cache, in-memory databases, and online transaction processing by utilizing the data needing fast access in memory.1

Preserve access to critical data

Not only do Crucial NVDIMMs accelerate your servers, they’re also nonvolatile, which improves system data security. In the event of power loss, standard memory would lose all data in RAM, while an NVDIMM will retain it. If power is lost, the system controller sends a hardware signal to the NVDIMM to perform a backup operation. The NVDIMM controller isolates the system bus by enabling on-module data mulitiplexers (MUXs). Then, the NVDIMM controller activates the power management circuitry, drawing power from the ultracapacitor and providing energy to the NVDIMM for the backup operation. The controller then manages the transfer of data from the DRAM into the onboard NAND. Once system power is restored, data is transferred from the NAND back to the DRAM.

Accelerate applications by partitioning your data

The low latency and persistence of Crucial NVDIMMs allow you to get more out of hot data, metadata, tables, and journals without the need to spend costly latency cycles caching data to storage tiers that are much slower. Plus, storing the rest of your data on an SSD that delivers the next fastest storage access optimizes the performance and reliability of your systems. Crucial NVDIMMs are ideal for Big Data analytics, storage appliances, RAID cache, in-memory database, and online transaction processing because these types of applications need the shortest possible route between memory and storage.

Combine performance and low latency with persistence

DRAM and NAND inherently address different memory issues. DRAM supplies the best memory performance and lowest latency. NAND, on the other hand, supplies higher density as well as data persistence. When put together in Crucial NVDIMMs, you get memory speeds of 2133 MT/s with the safety net of NAND storage to limit costly downtime and provide persistent data integrity in the event of system power loss.

Backed by the Reliance Program2

When you make an enterprise-level investment in Crucial products, we believe you deserve a higher level of support. The Reliance Program offers qualified customers up to four additional benefits that affirm our commitment to your servers through service call reimbursements, on-site spares, 24/7 technical support through our direct hotline, and special bulk shipping options.

Contact your Micron CPG representative for more information and to purchase NVDIMM.

Crucial NVDIMMs specs

Part Number

Module Type



Module Bandwidth




CAS Latency



NVDIMM 288-pin



17.0 GB/s

1GB x 72





AgigA Tech® PowerGEM® ultracapacitor

Part Number

Form Factor

Box Contents



2.5-inch drive

AgigA Tech® PowerGEM® ultracapacitor, 740mm cable connector, 4 mounting screws



Part Number

Form Factor

Cable Length


Cable only



Cable only


  1. Crucial NVDIMMs require a compatible hardware platform and BIOS. For each NVDIMM purchased, a PowerGem and connector cable needs to be purchased separately.
  2. Reliance Program benefits may vary and are available to qualified customers only. Contact your Micron CPG representative for more information.