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Reseller returns policy

It's rare for resellers to return Crucial products. However, if you do have a problem, we want to make receiving a refund or exchange as easy as possible.

If you purchased a product from us within 45 days, and the product is incompatible or defective, return the product by following the steps indicated below and we'll issue you a refund or exchange. If you purchased the product more than 45 days ago and it's defective and still under warranty, we can issue an exchange.

Most of the memory returned to us isn't defective

Think you received faulty memory? Oftentimes, parts that appear to be defective are actually fully functional – they just aren't installed or used properly. If we're able to, we'd like to save you the hassle of returning your upgrade by walking you through several common installation and use scenarios. Our simple solutions help most of our customers solve any problems they may encounter with their Crucial product. For more help, you can also check out our FAQ section or contact Crucial Technical Support.


Exchanging a defective product for a replacement

As stated in our terms and conditions of sale, any shipping costs associated with returning a product are your responsibility. When you return a product in exchange for a replacement, there are two ways we can process the exchange:


  • Cross-ship exchange. With this method, you'll send us the defective product and we'll send you a replacement – all at the same time. If you choose this method, we will immediately ship a replacement product and your credit card will be charged for the sales price of the replacement at the time of shipment. Then, as soon as we receive the defective product from you, we'll reimburse you for the price of the replacement product within 7-10 business days. (Note: All reimbursements via credit card are credited back to the card of original purchase.) If you choose the cross-ship method, and you would like to use a different credit card for your replacement order, call us to obtain an RMA number.
  • Wait-to-receive exchange. This method is for same part warranty exchanges only. With this method, you'll send us the defective product and we'll wait to send you a replacement until we've received your return. Since this method requires items to be shipped at separate times, it will take longer for you to receive your replacement product.  For wait-to-receive exchanges, if the pricing on the returned item and the replacement item is the same, no charges or credits will be made — we'll simply ship your replacement product once we receive your return.


How to return a product

When returning a product to us for any reason, follow these steps.


  • Contact Customer Service and obtain an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number. Without an RMA number, we won't have a record to indicate that we are expecting a return, causing your exchange to be delayed while we research your order. When you contact us, please have the following information ready:
  • Customer number
  • Order number
  • Billing and shipping address
  • Crucial part number(s) and quantity of each part that you're returning.


For warranty exchanges, you can also fill out our online RMA form. However, this form does not allow for refunds or cross-ship exchanges. If you're seeking a refund or cross-ship exchange, please contact Customer Service directly.


  • After you obtain an RMA number, carefully package the product in an antistatic bag, and place it in a sturdy box, making sure that you include all accessories and manuals that came with the product. If you are returning memory that was ordered as a two-piece kit, be sure to send us both parts. Write the RMA number on the outside of your package, then use a trackable shipping method to send the package to:

Micron Consumer Products Group
Attn: RMA Lab
3475 E. Commercial Court
Meridian, ID 83642

  • Retain all shipping information (including tracking numbers) until you have been properly credited or you've received a replacement product.


Additional information about the return process

  • If you are returning memory ordered as a two-part kit, be sure to send us both parts.
  • When returning non-memory items, you must also return all accessories (cables, manuals, or CDs) that shipped with the product in order to receive the full amount of your refund or exchange. If accessories are missing, $5 will be deducted from your exchange amount.
  • If your product is not defective or otherwise covered by our limited warranty, we cannot accept it for return or exchange. Our terms and conditions of sale, including warranty terms, can be found here.
  • To safeguard against abuse of our return policy, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee (up to 20%) at our discretion.

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