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Crucial Order and Tax FAQ

Below we list some of our most frequently asked questions about our order and tax policies. If your question relates to a specific order/account/return, please contact our customer service team and provide your reference number and full billing address.

Can you tell me more about your deliveries and taxes?

When you place an order with Crucial, we will email you to notify you when the order has shipped. Please remember to check your spam folders in case the email lands there. If the tracking number on your confirmation email shows as N/A, this means that the delivery method you selected is not a trackable method. You can find out more about our delivery methods, timescales, costs, and tax implications here:

How can I pay for my order?

You will find the different payment options we offer here: 

When you finish placing your order, we will make a temporary authorization of funds (pre-authorization charge) on your bank/PayPal account to verify that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the charge. We will only ever charge your account after we have shipped the order.

How do I cancel or change my order?

To cancel or change an order, first check the status of your order to ensure that it has not already shipped. You can do this by following the links below: 

If a cancel option is displayed, you may be able to cancel or change your order online or by contacting us directly using our information here. If you do not see a cancel option online, or if it is outside our business hours, we will likely be unable to cancel or change the order prior to it shipping. Please note that e-mail is not an effective way to cancel your order; if we have a heavy influx of e-mails to answer, your order will very likely ship before we are able to read your e-mail and cancel your order. 

If we are unable to stop your order before it ships, you may set up a return here or contact us directly. 

What if my order does not arrive?

You can check the status of your order by following the links below:

If you did not choose a trackable delivery method or if there is no tracking number available, then we would ask you to wait 7 days from the date of dispatch of the order. If the order has not arrived after this time, please contact our customer service team.

If you chose a trackable method, you will have been sent an email with the tracking details after the order was shipped (check your spam folder in case the email landed there). You can use these tracking details to find out where you order is. If there is no update or the order has been delayed, then please let us know.


What if I want to return my Crucial product?

It's rare for customers to need to return their Crucial products. However, if you need to send an item back to us, we want to make receiving a refund or exchange as easy as possible. 

If you purchased the item directly from Crucial within our 45-day money back guarantee period, you can receive a refund or exchange for your purchase.

In the unlikely event that your upgrade fails after the 45-day trial period, a limited warranty replacement is available.

Please visit the relevant returns page of your country (USUKEU) to request an RMA (return material authorization). We'll give you an RMA number that will help us track your return and make sure you receive your refund or exchange as soon as possible.

If you purchased the product from a reseller, we would ask you to contact the vendor directly to request a return.

How do I check my RMA status?

When you return an item to Crucial using an RMA number we will send you an email as soon as we receive it.  Please allow up to ten days for Crucial to receive the package. It can also take a couple of days to process the part through the RMA lab, after which you will receive the email to say that it has arrived.

If you have requested an exchange, we will also send you an email when your replacement order is on its way.  This is to keep you up to date with every part of the process. If you receive a confirmation email of the receipt of your RMA more than three days ago, and you have still not been notified about the shipping of your replacement, then please contact us.

If you have chosen a refund then you should expect the funds to be paid back to you within a maximum of ten working days.  It will be paid directly to the account that you used for the original order.

If you need a quick update on your RMA progress please feel free to contact our customer service teams directly.

What are Micron CPG’s preferred Incoterms?

You will find further information about this here.

How do I claim tax exempt status on the web site?

Tax questions will depend on the region you are shipping to so please refer to the details below:

Can I submit a purchase order?

Only state or government funded agencies are automatically approved for Net 30 Terms.  We can offer Net 30 credit terms to qualified customers with an active order history ($2,000 or more in the past three months) or applicants who place an initial prepaid (wire transfer) order of $2,000 or more and show potential for buying memory on a regular basis. Please note that we expect a "Net 30" account to be used regularly (inactive accounts may lose credit terms). 

You can find out more information on purchase orders and what to include in them below:


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