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Why Was My Order Canceled?

If you received a cancellation notice from us by email in most cases it's because we were unable to validate key information on your order. Therefore, your order was canceled.  We use electronic validation services to verify identification information on each order, and if we cannot verify some or all of the information, the order is canceled. 

However, we have not charged you for the order.  You may see an authorization, but this will fall off according to your payment issuer’s policies.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you, and offer the following suggestions:

  • Place a new order on via PayPal, using PayPal’s buyer and address verification system, to make it easier for your next order to process.
  • Contact your payment issuer to ensure your billing and shipping addresses are updated and listed correctly, then place a new order on
  • Place a new order on, and ship to your verified billing address.

We do have a number of partners who carry our products, and may be able to place an order for you if you do not want to try one of our suggestions above.  Please visit our "Where to Buy" page for a list of our partners.

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